Do People Actually...?

Whenever the concept of naked dancing comes up we usually hear something along the lines of "Oh... wow... that's [amazing / weird / terrible]*. Where does this happen? So I can [avoid it / find out more / join in]* ?" (*delete as applicable). But do people actually dance naked? I'm not just talking about dancing in your bedroom when the radio plays a tune you like; I mean actual dancing with a partner somewhere, maybe even where people might see or with other naked dancers around?

Yes. Yes they do. In fact in some places you will find regular nude dance events.

This website is all about dancing tango in strange and unusual places that are far away from dance floors. It is the tango that is naked, not the dancers, and - for now at least - you will not find us posting lots of pictures of naked people dancing the tango. But in all likelihood you came here because you searched for "Naked Tango" in Google and you were probably not looking for advice on what shoes to wear when dancing on concrete. So here is our take on dancing without clothes.

Where does this happen?

  • At home - This is obviously the simplest option in theory, but not everyone has space to dance in their living room, and not everyone lives with someone that they can dance with. If you have space and your dance partner is with you then this is obviously the best place to start (although check out the comments in the footwear article on dancing barefoot) but if not then you will have to get creative. Just remember that the logistics of dancing naked at your home - or someone else's home - with a partner who is not your wife, boyfriend, etc. is your problem not ours.
  • Rent a hall - An excellent solution, and there are plenty of DJs who will play some music for you (call me) if you want to have a private naked dance event. But there are a few things worth thinking about before hiring a hall. First, many of them have shared access or administrators that show up unexpectedly just to "see how you are doing", so make sure you have exclusive use or that everyone is cool with what you are doing. Secondly, a lot of halls have security cameras permantly installed, so you might want to check they are disbled before stripping off or you might end up on YouTube. Of course that can be fun too...
  • The Beach - This would have to be a clothing optional beach of course, or one that is empty enough for no-one to care. Beaches work well as there is a lot of space and can often be quite flat, although dancing on sand can be a bit challenging. But at least it is soft and does not usually put too much strain on knees and ankles. You might not be able to play music very loud without annoying other beach users, and the one down-side with dancing naked is the lack of pockets where you can tuck an iPhone, but sharing a pair of Bluetooth earbuds works well.
  • Clubs - Yes, naked tango clubs do exist. There are a couple in Germany, and a pop-up one in the UK occasionally that I know about and I am sure there are more if you really look. Just be aware that some of the German ones model themselves after the film "Nackter Tango" and so whilst the women are naked the men are all in suits. Personally this feels a bit unbalanced to me and a bit weird, but if that's your thing then give it a go.


Vintage naked dance class


We have thought about this a lot, and there are a few things that we have realised to be important considerations if you want to give naked dancing a go. We have written these with tango in mind (obviously) but they apply to any dance style.

  • The embrace - We always teach that the embrace is a negotiation, and that no one partner decides how close the embrace is going to be. Some people like it close and tight, whilst others prefer to keep a little space between you. When dancing naked this is more important than ever, and so regardless of how well you know your naked partner you need to be very aware that they may not want to be quite as close to you as you want to be to them. Being squashed against a fully clothed partner is very different to being squashed against a naked one, and even your closest friend may well have different boundaries in these conditions. Be respectful.
  • Feet - If you take 'naked' to mean actually naked then you will probably not bother with footwear. This is fine, and tango works just as well without as it does with (I have danced barefoot countless times). But the friction of skin on floor is a lot different to that of any shoe and you must adapt pivots, turns, barridas, or anything else where the foot is dragged or turned whilst in contact with the surface to avoid damage.

So if you think dancing naked might be fun then why not try it?

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